Daughter of the Fifth House

Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed

Lwaxana Troi (OU)
Character: Lwaxana Troi
Series/Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: Mid-fifties
Gender: Female
Species: Betazoid
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: 5’9 tall. Lwaxana Troi is a Betazoid woman in the prime of her life. Her build and face are perhaps a bit matronly, but her actions and dress are full of vim and vigor. She has a regal grace and a big presence. She wears elaborate, flamboyant clothes that accentuate her personality. Her wavy hair is naturally dark but she has had it dyed nearly every color of the rainbow at one point or another. She has the dark, limpid Betazoid eyes and a kindly expression—until she doesn’t get her way.

Personality: Lwaxana is as flamboyant as she looks. Being from a society of empaths, who are able to hide little from each other, she is used to stating her honest opinion for all to hear. Loudly. She is a woman of passions: when she is high she is nearly manic, when she is disgruntled everyone knows it. When she wants something she goes for it…especially when it comes to men. She isn’t promiscuous, but she is a terrible flirt, and always looking for that next husband who will fulfill her dreams. Those whose minds are closed are particularly attractive to her. If there are any empaths, they may notice that though she is mostly open, as Betazoids are, there is a dark, closed off place deep inside her, leading the most perceptive to believe that perhaps some of her good cheer masks personal sadness.

Abilities/Strengths: All Betazoids are natural empaths. She can read the thoughts of most sentient beings who are unable to block with either their own power or natural physiology. She can carry on entire mental conversations with fellow empaths, and she can detect moods and intentions, sometimes even when the subject isn’t consciously focused on them. She is also very intelligent, as most of her silliness is merely high spirits, and her empathy makes her extremely perceptive.

Weaknesses: Conversely, her moods and spirits can indeed make her appear quite silly. Despite the fact that she is an empath, it seems she doesn’t always take other people’s feelings into consideration. Whether this is because she is able to tune them out like background noise, or believes she knows better somehow is not entirely clear, perhaps a bit of both. She is certainly no fighter, and can only think and flirt her way out of trouble. Handsome men are definitely another weakness; she will seek them out like she has radar. Her over-protectiveness of her daughter, which could possibly be transferred to another, is another weakness.

Notable Possessions: Lwaxana will come to Econtra in a bright multi-colored dress with a great many flowing bits, and a matching wrap trimmed with feathers, and a matching hairband, also with feathers. She was carrying a handbag (matching, with feathers, of course) containing a make-up kit, hair and nail care products, a picture of her daughter and late husband, a very small sewing kit, a (matching) umbrella which though small expands to a surprisingly fair size, and a few emergency unmentionables. She is also wearing dangling diamond and gold earrings and a matching gold and diamond necklace, and several bangle bracelets. Her shoes match everything perfectly but are completely impractical.

History: Lwaxana grew up part of a powerful Betazoid family. Always a free spirit, she fell wildly in love with and married a Human Federation Officer named Ian Troi. They had two children, but when her oldest daughter Kestra was six, she slipped and fell into a pond while Lwaxana was busy with her new baby Deanna. The child drowned and Lwaxana was so mad with grief she repressed all memories of the child, destroyed her diaries and all pictures, and made Ian swear never to speak of her again.

Seven years later, Ian died suddenly on Betazed (most likely in a freak accident, but it’s never said). It was around this time that she suddenly became even more flamboyant and outspoken, to hide her pain. She focused all her attention on her “Little One” Deanna, who went on to a brilliant career in Starfleet. Desiring to follow her daughter into space, Lwaxana became an Ambassador, traveling between events and conferences, always accompanied by an attendant. Her first, Mister Xelo, began having “erotic thoughts” about her so she replaced him with Mister Homm.

She first came to the Enterprise for Deanna’s arranged marriage, and instantly became enamored with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. She found him not only attractive, but quite fun to tease with accusations of dirty thoughts and continued flirtation on subsequent visits even after it was certain that he wasn’t interested.

One of her major goals in life is to find a new soul-mate to fill the emptiness she was left with after Ian’s death, and in the meantime, to fill it with fun and living for the moment.

Housing: TBA

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